‘Rapturous’ from upcoming album JGM 25 Euphoric Indie Inspiration was placed in Sky’s latest advert promoting the new Snapshots feature.

A deeply moving, yet triumphant album filled with hope, reverie and euphoria. Each of these mostly uptempo Indie tracks is pervaded by a great sense of overcoming challenge and finding oneself. Based firmly around the live rock sound palette of guitar, bass and drums, Inspiring Indie then ups the ante with soaring vocals, rousing strings and heartrending piano motifs that leave you in a warm daze. Imagery of victory, love, rejoicing, empathy and relief abounds in this heartfelt, dynamic, outstanding collection of tracks.

JGM is a boutique label providing beautifully crafted music, from non-invasive support to leading the on-screen action. Working across choice genres, it draws inspiration from the most up-to-date record releases and capture the subtleties of forward-thinking film and TV producers. Their consortium of high-end musicians and producers – all of whom release records on respected independent labels – along with leading media composers, brings the most current and idiosyncratic influences into production music. Whether it’s expansive and cinematic, classical compositions, Balearic grooves, ethereal Hipster-Folk, or on-point EDM, this growing label offers an intriguing collection for editors and film-makers around the world.